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RUHAKU is the first brand native from Okinawa, certified Ecocert, using the unique power of antioxidant originating from Gettou leaves. 
RUHAKU is the first organic anti-aging brand originated from Okinawa, the fabulous longevity island. 
RUHAKU uses the exceptional antioxidant properties originated from traditional Gettou leaves from Okinawa for a noticeably younger skin.
Beauty cares are made from Gettou essential oils, one of the richest plants regarding antioxidant. 
Its leaves contains 30 times more polyphenols than in red wine.
RUHAKU is a word combining Ryukyu and BIHAKU (clear and elastic skin in Japanese). 
Indeed the archipelago of Okinawa, situated extreme south of Japan, was once called RYUKYU (island known for its beautiful turquoise waters, its luxurious forest and its exceptional longevity) and BIHAKU (clear and elastic skin in Japanese).

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