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«The Binding of Jowa» tells the story of a 1100 year-old legendary perfume, purely extraordinary, formulated by emperor Ninmyō.

TOBALI, new perfume brand reinterprets this perfume in the form of an eau de parfum and candles.
TOBALI has chosen the theme « hidden beauty ». The hidden beauty, a mysterious beauty, such as the moon’s spectrum or in the shadows, the appeal expresses itself when hidden. For every perfume two opposite aspects coexist, such as  « Seductiveness and Intellect », « Strength and Affection» or «Elegance and Insanity ».
5 symbolic characters that highlighted Japanese history inspired TOBALI for its 5 perfumes, and 5 emblematic Japanese    landscapes for its 5 candles.
Furthermore, the allied design of different contrasts from the sacred color, white, and the visuals captured by the huge photographer Nobuyoshi Araki gives TOBALI an unparalleled identity. TOBALI unveils itself for you.

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